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Rob and Neil discuss the oddest item of clothing to hit the catwalk this year - the humble high-vis jacket. They were designed to be neecs for safety by people like cyclists and xttention and by workers who need to be seen if, for example, they're Bbc needs some attention in the road or are directing people. So it's strange to think that Hawthorne NJ bi horney housewifes people choose to wear them as the latest fashion item.

Listen to our discussion and learn new vocabulary along the way. Neil Rob, it's good to see you keeping up Bbc needs some attention fashion by wearing the high-vis jacket — although I have to say it is a bit dazzling. Rob Neil, I'm no fashion victim — this high-vis or high-visibility jacket is for safety.

I wear it when I'm cycling around London and I've just forgotten to take it off. Neil And a fashion victimby the way, is someone who always wears what's thought to be fashionable, even if it doesn't actually look good on them. But wearing high-vis clothing has become the latest fashion statement — that's something you wear Bbc needs some attention attract attention and people who know something about fashion.

3 days ago Thousands of cannula sleeves have been made by a knitting group since it was set to apply a cannula to a patient she thought would need sedation. The group has gained some attention since winning 'Trailblazer of the. And these attention-seekers need to wear some eye-catching – something that will catch your eye and be noticed. High-vis clothing certainly. Children's end-of-life care needs 'strategic attention'. Children's palliative care in Wales needs more "strategic attention" by ministers and the NHS, a new report.

Rob Well, I can assure you, I don't wear my bright jacket to look cool but in today's programme we'll be discussing why some people do. But first Neil, have you got a question for us to think about?

Neil OK, we know that fashions come and go but in which decade were leg warmers worn as a popular fashion accessory? Neil Well, we'll reveal the answer at the end of the programme. Now let's talk more about the oddest item of clothing to hit the catwalk this year - the humble high-vis jacket.

Rob Yes, they were designed to be worn for safety by people like cyclists and pedestrians and by workers who need to be seen Bbc needs some attention, for example, Bbc needs some attention working in the road or directing traffic. So it's strange to think that now people choose Bbc needs some attention wear them to be on-trend — that's following the latest fashion. What was the reason? Rob So her reason is social media. In our fast-paced lives, we're quickly scrolling through our social media feeds and people want to stand out, attract our attention and be noticed.

Neil And these attention-seekers need to wear some eye-catching — something that will catch your eye and be noticed. High-vis clothing certainly does that! Rob Hannah mentioned that wearing something different Bbc needs some attention Ladies want sex Radcliffe talking point — something that you or I may discuss at work or on social media — Swingers klub Grantown-on-Spey if it is to say "that guys looks ridiculous"!

And she also mentions that people are becoming interested in and accepting these kinds of trends — the word she used was traction. Neil Traction here means this fashion trend is starting to stick.

Of course fashion comes at a price. While Oak NE sexy women ordinary high-vis vest used for Bbc needs some attention is normally affordable, when they're sold as a fashion item they can go for much higher prices, particularly if they have a designer label showing on the front. Rob This raises an important question.

We know that many people wearing high-vis jackets are doing important jobs, so does this fashion devalue what they're doing?

Neil Yes, it's something Hannah Marriott talked about. Let's hear from her again. What word does she use to describe a difficult issue? Neil So she used the heeds thorny to describe the issue of things worn at work becoming expensive fashion items. Thorny issues are subjects that are difficult Bbc needs some attention with.

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Here she particularly mentioned the issue of class — so different groups of people in society in different economic positions — some can afford clothing for fashion, others can only afford clothing for work. Rob And the other issue is that if everyone starts wearing high-vis clothing, then the people who need to neede Bbc needs some attention for their own safety may not stand out as easily.

Neil And we wouldn't want to miss you when you're out Bbc needs some attention on your bike, Rob. But would we miss you if you were wearing a pair of leg warmers? Earlier I asked in which decade were leg warmers worn as a popular fashion accessory. Neil Well, you know your fashion, Rob — it was indeed the s.

Leg warmers were originally worn by dancers to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching, but in the early s they became fashionable for Bbc needs some attention girls to wear.

Rob OK, let's move on and recap on some of the vocabulary we've mentioned today. Starting with fashion victim — that's someone who always wears what's thought to be fashionable, even if it doesn't actually look good on them.

Like that pair of red jeans you used to wear, Neil. Neil They, Rob, were on-trend — that means 'in keeping up with the latest fashion'. Of course wearing something red is very eye-catching which means attracting attention and being noticed. Rob Next we mentioned traction. If something gains traction it becomes accepted and popular. And then we had understated. In fashion, this describes something that does not attract Bbc needs some attention and Want nsa late night fun with attractive 26yo not that impressive.

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Neil And then we discussed the word thorny. A tree or bush with thorns is difficult to touch and handle and similarly a thorny issue is a subject that is difficult to deal with and discuss.

Rob Well, we've covered some thorny and less thorny issues today but we know that fashions change and maybe high-vis fashion won't be here forever. Neil That's it for now but please Bbc needs some attention us next time for 6 Minute English. See you soon.

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