Copyright 2018 by Partners of the Park

You might know Partners of the Park (POP) as a motley crew of equestrian enthusiasts toiling away at the Florida Horse Park in order to deliver a dazzling array of schooling shows and other events for Dressage, Jumper and Eventing riders alike.  You're right, of course, but there's more...


All joking aside, the events organized by POP generate funds which are funneled back into the Park's infrastructure to build a better park for the future.  Part of the profits go directly to the Florida Horse Park to cover near-term operational expenses. The rest are spent on really cool stuff we hope you'll appreciate, like new cross country obstacles, a water truck, show jumps and much more.


So, if you have volunteered, or shelled out some hard earned dough for a schooling day or a class at one of POP's shows, then you may consider yourself a "Partner of the Park." If you would like to help, give suggestions, or even join our motley crew on a regular basis, don't hesitate to contact us at