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About Partners of the Park

You might know Partners of the Park (POP) as a motley crew of equestrian enthusiasts toiling away at the Florida Horse Park in order to deliver a dazzling array of schooling shows and other events for Dressage, Jumper and Eventing riders alike.  You're right, of course, but there's more...

All joking aside, the events organized by P.O.P. generate funds which are funneled back into the Park's infrastructure to build a better park for the future.  Part of the profits go directly to the Florida Horse Park to cover near-term operational expenses. The rest are spent on really cool stuff we hope you'll appreciate, like new cross country obstacles, a water truck, show jumps and much more.

So,  if you have volunteered, or shelled out some hard earned dough for a schooling day or a class at one of P.O.P.'s shows, then you may consider yourself a "Partner of the Park." If you would like to help, give suggestions, or even join our motley crew on a regular basis, don't hesitate to contact us at info@fhp-pop.com.

2014 Dressage, Jumpers and 3-Phase Schooling Shows



2014 Cross Country Schooling Days


Results for the August 9th Schooling Show are now available!

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General Information

Entries must be completed online or, postmarked or emailed SEVEN DAYS prior to the show date.

Help out our scheduling efforts - If you postmark your entry near, or on, closing day please email the Show Sec’y with entry details. This will reduce last minute scheduling issues. Thank you!

Show Secretary: Varies by show.  See specific Show Entry form for contact info.

Dressage Classes: $35

Dressage “Fix-A-Test” with Debbie Adams: (if offered) $ 75 (1/2 hour session ride-critique-ride)

Jumper Classes: $25

3-Phase: $105

XC Run Only: $50

Stabling: $25 per night (includes 1 bag of shavings)

Clean Stall Deposit: $25/stall (separate check)

Bedding sold at FHP: $8.50/bag

Ship-In Fee: $15 per horse (non-stabling horses only)

Non-Showing Horses: $15 ship-in Fee

Camping: $10.00/day, $20.00/day for hook-up

Late Entry Fee: $20.00

Returned Check Fee: $50

Coggins: Negative Coggins within 12 months of show date for all horses

Release Forms: Releases for Partners of the Park and Florida Horse Park are on pages 3 and 4 of the Show Entry form and must accompany all entries.

Ride Times: Will be posted the Thursday prior to the show on this website as well as www.FlHorsePark.com

Dressage Arenas: 
Large Arena for USEF Training Level & Up and for USEA Prelim C/Intermediate/Advanced.
Small arena for USEF Intro Level and 3-Phase tests.

Dress for Show: Shirts with Sleeves, Helmets, Boots, Breeches - Vests and Medical Arm Bands for X-C.

Late Entries: Will be taken if space allows. $20 late fee for all entries taken after closing date (7 days prior to show date). Open checks for Jumper Classes, only. No refunds after closing date for Dressage or 3-Phase.

Dogs: All dogs must be leashed!

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