Sunday, December 4, 2016
Results for November 20 are now available
Info on our next schooling show - December 18

Show Secretary/Information

Emily Holmes

Important Dates:

Closing Date: Sunday before competition
Late fee begins Sun. after midnight
NO entries accepted after Tues. at 8 pm
Times will be posted Wed.
Stabling opens at Sat. 9AM

SJ/XC courses open Fri. 3pm

Dressage Judges
To be announced

Dressage Classes - $35/class  
USDF Introductory Test A (USDF 2015)
USDF Introductory Test B (USDF 2015)
USDF Introductory Test C (USDF 2015)
USDF Training Level 1 (USEF 2015)
USDF Training Level 2 (USEF 2015)
USDF Training Level 3 (USEF 2015)
USDF First Level Test 1 (USEF 2015)
USDF First Level Test 2 (USEF 2015)
USDF First Level Test 3 (USEF 2015)
Any USDF 2nd Level and Up (USEF 2015) 
Any USEF Eventing/FEI Test (USEA 2014) 

Show Jumping Classes - $25/class

Show Jumping 18"
Show Jumping 2'
Show Jumping 2'6"
Show Jumping 2'11"
Show Jumping 3'3"
Show Jumping 3'7"
Show Jumping 3-9"

3-Phase Combined Tests - $105

Entry (2') (Beg. Nov. A - USEA 2014)
Beg Novice (Beg. Nov. A - USEA 2014)
Novice (Novice  A- USEA 2014)

Training (Training A - USEA 2014)
Prelim/Training (Prelim A - USEA 2014)

XC Run Only (Sunday) - $50

Entry XC
Beg. Novice XC
Novice XC
Training XC

Saturday XC Schooling - $50

Apr-Sept 8am to 2pm

Oct-Mar 9am to 3pm


The December 20th SCHOOLING SHOW is now open!

The next POP schooling show is Sunday, December 18th

Online entries can be submitted at

Click on Schooling Entries to access the entry form.

Email entries will not be accepted!

There will be xc schooling on Saturday, the 17th.  

All 3 Phase Divisions are doing Test A.

Please note that the order of days for POP schooling shows is different from last season.  From now on, the xc schooling will be the day before the actual show date.  And, no entries will accepted after the Tuesday before the show!!

Additional dates posted on the Calendar page.



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